Welcome to World Risk Mining Forum

The World Risk Forum is a one day launch event brought to you by the Mining Journal intelligence team, designed to bring industry leaders together to discuss and debate the biggest risks facing the industry in 2019. Using the findings of the World Risk Report 2018 and further in depth research, we have designed a content driven programme which reflects the biggest areas of concern for miners. The programme covers a variety of topics from global areas of risk to how to implement individual company strategies. 

Key Themes Include:

Geo-political risk in mining

Effectively navigating poor governance 

Environmental protectionism and planning

Securing social licence to operate

Engaging with the next generation of talent

Surviving the age of disruption and Cyber Security in mining 

The Ongoing Challenge of Infrastructure

Ensuring the success of joint ventures


Who Should Attend?

Mining Companies:
World Risk Forum is a content driven event and will look to bring key stakeholders in mining together to lead the conversation about risks to the industry moving forwards and how to combat them, discussing both hard and soft risks. This event will look to engage mining companies and allow them to take new business strategies around the topics discussed, from technological strategies to dealing with unfavourable regional governance.  
Service Providers:
World Risk Forum will facilitate an opportunity for service providers such as consultancy firms to engage and network with key industry leaders and clients within the mining industry to discuss the key areas of risk which are impacting mining industry and how their business could play a part in company strategies. 



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